See It First: Caroline Vermalle, Sam Neumann, and Christine Horner

See It First: Caroline Vermalle, Sam Neumann, and Christine Horner

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Paranormal Mystery

Exclusive Sixtine by Caroline Vermalle

SIXTINE Book 1 by Caroline Vermalle

At the heart of the greatest mystery of all time lies the perfect crime.

Sixtine is a survivor.
Her honeymoon was spent in an unknown chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Buried alive. Beside her murdered husband. And she does not remember a thing.
While others attempt to understand how this young, beautiful bride could have ended up in a room without doors, only one thing matters to Sixtine: avenge the death of her husband. Gone is the innocent girl: she will stop at nothing. Even delving into the dark and dangerous world of counterfeiters and tomb raiders.
But in this web of lies and fakes, who can she trust? Is the enigmatic Thaddeus, a wealthy and handsome artist, friend or foe? And the Egyptian ghosts who haunt her since her stay in the pyramid… could they be real?

Psychological Thriller

Emails From Heaven by Sam Neumann

Emails from Heaven by Sam Neumann

David Grasso has gotten an email from no one.

He knows this is impossible, but with a blank “sender” field and no other identifying marks, he’s left incapable of tracing the source. The email claims to be from his brother, but David knows it can’t be, because his brother is dead.

Upon reading the body text he becomes furious, not at the obvious attempt at deceit, but at what the email says. Furious someone would use his brother’s name to perpetuate a lie. Furious the lie existed at all.

EMAILS FROM HEAVEN is a novel following David Grasso’s struggle to make sense of the email and those that followed. As a graphic designer at a high-powered ad firm in downtown Chicago, David spends most of his waking hours at the office. He’s unmarried, has few friends, and his coworkers bore him. His life is a monotonous running clock. But when the email arrives, his world is turned on end, and he will go to any length to reveal the source and explain the seemingly inconceivable circumstances that led to it showing up in his inbox.

This is the story of one man’s struggle with mystery, death, and the great beyond. It is an inspirational, hope-filled, triumphant look inside the human soul. When logic is suspended, all that remains is one timeless question:

What if?

Political Thriller

Exclusive Attribution by Christine Horner

Attribution by Christine Horner

A Hatchett Report Investigation — It’s 2036, an age of global water conflict and controlled media. A blacklisted journalist must confront the very government she’s trapped in a plea agreement with when she questions the authenticity of media reports a global water and energy superstructure was compromised during an opening ceremony live broadcast. Caught in the perilous crossroads between her explosive past and a global crisis, Truby Goodman risks revealing her true identity. Confronting the impossible in search of redemption, one journalist races to expose the greatest coup ever attempted as she dares to rewrite human history—centuries in the making.


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