See It First: C.J. Klinger, Rob Chant, and Lincoln Cole

See It First: C.J. Klinger, Rob Chant, and Lincoln Cole

We love introducing Prolific Works readers to great stories and big ideas. Take a chance on new authors and try great stories from old favorites. See it first every day with Prolific Works and be free to discover authors you’ll love. We’re thrilled to share the latest and greatest from our science fiction genres!


Islandia by C.J. Klinger

slandia by C.J. Klinger

Earth is desperate.
A new planet is colonized and forgotten.
An alien intelligence is watching.
A hero is born.

This is a short read that sets the scene for Islandia: The Lost Colony, Book One of the McKinnah Chronicles.


Gangland by Rob Chant

Gangland by Rob Chant

Sally Stone is a photographer, new in 2090s Cincinnati and struggling to survive. She’s working for the blood rags, documenting the daily carnage for the sake of entertainment. A job she hates in a city she doesn’t understand. Caught in the crossfire between two warring gangs, how far will she go to live through another day?

Discover the world of cyberpunkdreams in this short work from the Cincinnati Stories collection. Sexy, sleazy, visceral, violent: cyberpunkdreams is real. It’s an extrapolation of now. No big event or technological discovery has shaped our future. The aliens have not arrived. The singularity has not happened. It’s been a slow slide into a rich dystopian world where tales of sleaze, debauchery and hustle are forged.


Preview Crispr by Lincoln Cole

CRISPR Sample by Lincoln Cole

Kate Allison and Lyle Goldman are corporate mercenaries. They work for high paying clients to handle the messy business corporations would rather keep out of the public eye. After a stretch of bad jobs, they finally get a lucky break.

It is the easiest job they’ve had in months: a simple object recovery mission with payment that is almost too good to be true. About time the get an easy payday, right?


Things go sideways almost immediately and they find themselves fighting to stay one step ahead of the company chasing them. They are hunted, betrayed, and protecting one of the most important assets they’ve ever come into contact with. The truth they discover not only represents a billion dollar investment for the company, but a key to a dangerous genetic future for humanity.


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