See It First: Andrew Michael Schwarz, Jason A. Anderson, and Miss Mae

See It First: Andrew Michael Schwarz, Jason A. Anderson, and Miss Mae

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Genetic Engineering Scifi

Preview Proximity by Andrew Michael Schwarz

Proximity by Andrew Michael Schwarz

Jace Starlon is hired by Mika Misu, an agent of the Silurian Magístrata, to investigate a First Race ruins. Jace reluctantly accepts when Mika pulls legal stings to force his cooperation. Their destination is the Glass Desert, near the infamous Janosheck Crater, on a rocky world known to Old Earthers as Proxima b.

The trek is dangerous due to nuclear fallout from the Janosheck and political tension between the two world-nations that control Kam-no-Kai’s natural resources and antiquities market.

What begins as a simple smuggling job turns into a legendary quest when Jace makes a discovery that leads him directly into the hands of the Equinox Corporation’s most ambitious and dangerous project yet: a First Race cloning program.

Start the adventure now.

Scifi Horror

SoulChaser by Jason A. Anderson

SoulChaser by Jason A. Anderson

On uncounted worlds throughout the galaxies, humans live and die; but death is not the end. In the Afterlife, the souls of those who have passed beyond exist in contentment for eternity. But there are those in the Abyss that, if their rage and desperation gain enough strength, can break free and return to Mortality. When this happens, SoulChasers are sent to track the rogue soul down and return him or her to the Afterlife. In the town of Shadow Valley, SoulChaser Kiah has arrived to return his nemesis, Masaal, back to the Abyss. But Kiah has an ulterior motive: to find and rescue his wife, Kenah, missing since a retrieval twenty years ago. To achieve both goals, he will enlist the help of the staff of Nightmare Manor and pull them along on a journey bathed in blood.


Sample Unleashed by Miss Mae

Unleashed by Miss Mae

It’s not a virus.
It’s not a disease.
But it’s a killer.
And it’s here, unleashed.


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  1. I am a Kiwi in Nz and can tell you .. some of these sotries are captivating. A wide range of subjects that fulfill my needs. Welcome. I am looking forward ot reading Miss Mae’s Uneashed, i LOVE a good appocolyptic story

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