See It First: Amir Lane, Kelleen Silveira, and S. P. Stevens

See It First: Amir Lane, Kelleen Silveira, and S. P. Stevens

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Paranormal Fantasy

Wolf Kin by Amir Lane

Wolf Kin by Amir Lane

Lisandros “Lysander” Athanas adjusts to life as a werewolf.

High Fantasy

Exclusive Preview Soul of the Woods by Kelleen Silveira

Soul of the Woods by Kelleen Silveira

For a thousand years Demora La’Dor has been an unknowing pawn of the gods, cursed to be reincarnated time and again only to see everything she loved killed by their greatest mistake- a vengeful former god who would stop at nothing to see them destroyed. The pantheon has entrusted Demora with a task that even they could not accomplish: to kill the god of death.

But what had seemed like an endless battle has come to an abrupt head, for the mental barriers created to prevent Demora from remembering the horrors of her past lives are slowly wearing away. As Demora faces off against the death god’s Calignii, the most powerful mages the world has ever seen, it slowly becomes clear that the only way to finally win once and for all is for her to embrace a past which could be her destruction.

Epic Fantasy

Deliverance at Van Demon’s Deep by S. P. Stevens

Deliverance at Van Demon’s Deep by S. P. Stevens

How far does camaraderie stretch, when it’s life and death?

Demon’s Deep mine is out of action. The miners are missing, and psychotic savages—The Unbound—have taken it over. Unfortunately, where the Unbound go, bad magic follows. Magic which mutates living things, and liquefies rock.

Kiprik, long suffering leader of his elite snatch squad, must rescue the miners before army commanders run out of patience and start pumping poison gas. With his meat-headed corporal and loyal friend Stack at his side, he’ll face up to any threat, and stick an axe in its face, so long as the sneering Padre Brax doesn’t get in the way.

But this is a task which will see Kiprik and his crew going to the very bottom of the mine, where the deepest magic and the darkest truths lurk.


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