See It First: Alyssa Breck, Robin Lyons, and Ayman Hassan

See It First: Alyssa Breck, Robin Lyons, and Ayman Hassan

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Paranormal Suspense

Preview When the Shadows Come by Alyssa Breck

When the Shadows Come Preview by Alyssa Breck

What if the person you hated most was murdered and their ghost came to you asking for help to solve the crime?

Carolina Sinclair is surrounded by shadows that crawl up walls and dead people looking for the door to the other side. When her childhood nemesis, Mallory Kramer, is murdered, the deceased former troublemaker shows up on Carolina’s doorstep asking for help. Carolina’s instinct is to turn Mallory away, but there’s a problem. Mallory’s killer isn’t finished, and if Carolina doesn’t help her, he’ll likely kill again.

State Police Detective Nathan Claiborne gets pulled into a missing person investigation in the small town of Romance, Arkansas. When Carolina walks into the police station with a suspicious-sounding tip credited to a ghost, she quickly becomes the prime suspect. But what if Carolina’s right? With no other leads, Nathan finds himself relying on her clues in a case that could easily go cold.

Carolina’s involvement in the case draws the killer’s attention. In fact, he’s zeroed in on her now, and it’s all going well until … the shadows come.

Mystery Thriller

MAC by Robin Lyons

MAC by Robin Lyons

This fast-paced story steps back in time to reveal the agonizingly troubled youth of Mac MacKenna before he joined the U.S. Air Force Special Operations.

Set in Northern California in the spring of 1990, Mac is a teen on the verge of manhood. But he’s not your typical teenager. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. He isn’t going to parties. And he no longer participates in sports.

He desperately wants to move away from his parents. As his 18th birthday and high school graduation approaches there’s a shocking death in the family—is it murder?

Mac knows something’s not right; he can feel it in his bones. He’s desperate to uncover and expose the truth although he’s fearful, he might kill his father if his father doesn’t kill him first.

Espionage Thriller

Exclusive Legacy of Spies by Ayman Hassan

Legacy of Spies by Ayman Hassan

The first series elaborate the intelligence conflict between Egypt and Israel since the start of the state of Israel in 1948. It discusses all the famous espionage stories, the known and the unknown, from the view of both countries. A spy in the palace book tells the story of ” Ali Al-Atafi” who worked for Mossad in Egypt.


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