See It First: Allison Temple, Karen Tomsovic, and Robin Edwards

See It First: Allison Temple, Karen Tomsovic, and Robin Edwards

We know Prolific Works readers are always ready to discover new authors and try great new reads from old favorites, so we’re making our blog the best way for you to see it first every day! It’s Monday, and we’re starting off the week with the latest and greatest from our top romance genres!

LGBT Romance

Exclusive Going Down by Allison Temple

Going Down by Allison Temple

The last place that Lucas Sanderson wants to be is his ten-year high school reunion. Nothing has changed. The bullies are still bullies. The headmaster is still stuck in the last century. And Bentley ‘Call me Ben’ Hammersmith IV is still so charming Lucas can’t even be mad at him for forgetting Lucas’s name.
All he has to do is give a speech, have a few drinks, and then he can get the hell out one last time.
Of course, what happens next involves beautiful Ben, an elevator with no power, a call center with no clue, and a game of Truth or Dare not even Lucas could see coming. Never has he ever had a night like this one.

Urban Romance

Heart Throbs by Karen Tomsovic

Heart Throbs by Karen Tomsovic

She got away before. But now he’s back…

Acting royalty Amanda Monroe and cocky movie hunk Darrell Rawlings were once more than friends. Okay, twice. Darrell would have swept Amanda away forever, but Amanda had her doubts. That’s ancient history.

Now she’s about to wrap her role on a New York sitcom, marry the non-actor of her dreams, and fade from the spotlight.

Then Darrell hits town to guest-star for a week, and the joke is on her. He has wedding plans of his own, to the last woman on earth Amanda would choose for him.

It’s anything but quiet on the set as new tension flares and old secrets come to light.

Soon Amanda must choose between the life she’s always wanted and an even brighter future.

Contemporary Romance

Before Twelve by Robin Edwards

Before Twelve by Robin Edwards


I’ve never been anyone’s first choice,
last choice, or anything in between.
I’m also used to failing, being forgotten
and I was unapologetically clumsy and

Broken. Dissatisfied. Lost

All it took was spilled rum and pineapple juice,
twenty seconds of courage,
for Sam to take my breath away.

Question is: Will he remember me?


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