See It First: Alexander Patrick, Ellison Blackburn, and Nancy Smith

See It First: Alexander Patrick, Ellison Blackburn, and Nancy Smith

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The Dream Catcher Diaries by Alexander Patrick

The Dream Catcher Diaries by Alexander Patrick

Everyone has a story to tell and this is the story of Matrix – the Dream Catcher.
It begins in 2012 in a small cottage hospital in the Scottish Highlands. A boy with yellow eyes is born – destined to be an outcast – a god – a devil – Matrix. A man who will suffer more than any man and who will lead a revolution to free people like him from institutional abuse and murder.
Matrix can read your heart, steal your dreams and make them into your darkest nightmares. This is his promise: no more secrets; no more lies; we share each other’s reality; your reality is now mine – and mine is yours.
He promised us his truth and gave it to us in his autobiography The Matrix Solution, except it was not the complete story.
Now at last, the Dream Catcher speaks out and we finally understand the truth.


Preview Flash Back by Ellison Blackburn

Flash Back by Ellison Blackburn

In the not too distant future, a bioengineering breakthrough—touted the modern-day fountain of youth—will change the world, one life at a time.

Meet Charley; she has regrets. On the verge of depression, she longs for the road not taken. Now, finding Renovation, she might have a second chance to undo or instead redo some of her past mistakes.

Transforming from fifty-four to seventeen those long since buried dreams would be again within her grasp. The best part: behind the fresh face of youth, Charley would be the same; two things only life-regression and regeneration can promise.

Her decision could warp her current, well-established lifestyle, however, creating a chasm between herself and the ones she loves.

Hard Scifi

The Universal Vaccine by Nancy Smith

The Universal Vaccine by Nancy Smith

Seventy-five scientists are dead. Why?

University of Texas art student, Isa Vedkka, arrives home to find police on her doorstep. They tell her that her microbiologist mother and engineer father are dead. All her parents’ coworkers are dead. Isa wants to understand what happened and why. She enlists the assistance of investigative journalist Rory Burke to find out. The pair have no idea where this search will take them.


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