See It First: Adam Dark, Lysa Daley, and Gwendolyn Druyor

See It First: Adam Dark, Lysa Daley, and Gwendolyn Druyor

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Paranormal Fantasy

Chosen by Adam Dark

Chosen by Adam Dark

Ben Robinson’s not crazy, but nobody’s ever believed him.

Eleven years ago, he and Peter watched four of their friends die in that abandoned orphanage in their hometown, and they were the only ones who got out. Now, Ben’s worked too hard to separate himself from the terrifying scars of that night. He’s almost finished with his undergrad at Boston University. He and Peter are still friends. Life is pretty dull, and that’s the way he likes it. Until the voices in his head come back just in time for Ben to face a new demon, in a new city, with a new hunger for dead bodies.

Then the nightmares return—only this time, Ben dreams of their friend Ian, who says he’s still trapped in the rotting house and needs their help to free him.

Contemporary Fantasy

Dragon’s Fire by Lysa Daley

Dragon's Fire by Lysa Daley

When Mr. Stroud asks Lacey to return the dragon tooth pendant that she recovered from the troll’s lair to its rightful owner, she’s reluctant. She already told Mr. Stroud she doesn’t want to work for the Society of Shadows anymore. Still, he’s offering an awful lot of money for a quick job. What could possibly go wrong?

Urban Fantasy

Preview WereHuman: The Witch’s Daughter by Gwendolyn Druyor

WereHuman: The Witch's Daughter by Gwendolyn Druyor

Good parents will go to any lengths to protect their children.
The Hillens are very good parents.
But with all the secrets in the Hillen household, the biggest one is hiding right under their noses. When 6 year old Bailey finds a puppy abandoned in a basket on their porch, Clark and Sher have no way of knowing their new pet is a werehuman – an animal that can change into a person. Now, the genetic engineers of the evil Consortium are searching for them, intent on making Bailey and his unusual pet their newest test subjects. In the face of the unthinkable, will Bailey’s strange, misfit family decide to run? Or fight?


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