See It First: A.C. Fuller, Ruby Loren, and Lois D. Brown

See It First: A.C. Fuller, Ruby Loren, and Lois D. Brown

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The Cutline by A.C. Fuller

The Cutline by A.C. Fuller

It’s the spring of 2000 and Alex Vane is living the dream. He’s brilliant, handsome, driven, and he has just landed his first major reporting job: covering New York’s biggest trials for the city’s second-biggest daily, The New York Standard.

As if his luck couldn’t get any better, Alex befriends a top prosecutor who helps him uncover a dark secret about a legendary defense attorney. When Alex breaks the story, the trial of the East Coast’s most deadly drug kingpin falls into turmoil.

But as Alex digs deeper, the story begins to unravel. Now he must figure out whether his source was playing him and—if so—why? And if he fails, he might be the one who ends up behind bars.

This is a sample of Book 0 in the Alex Vane Media Thriller Series. A standalone prequel to The Anonymous Source.

Cozy Mystery

Exclusive The Lavender Of Larch Hall by Ruby Loren

The Lavender Of Larch Hall by Ruby Loren

Emily Haversson has a mystery on her hands.

Historical researcher, Emily Haversson, and Mr Bumble (the cat) are at heritage site, Larch Hall, to go through some old records. They’ve only been there a day, when Emily discovers an old love letter that contains cryptic clues to a ‘legacy of love’ buried in the garden at Larch Hall.

She approaches the head gardener, Rob, to see what he makes of the clue, but he expressly forbids her from digging up the garden. The next morning, he discovers soil and lavender bushes strewn everywhere, and immediately accuses Emily.

Only she knows the truth…

Someone else is hunting for the secret buried beneath the lavender of Larch Hall!

*No cliffhangers. This book and others in the series can be read as standalone novellas!*

Murder Mystery

Preview Robbed of Soul by Lois D. Brown

Robbed of Soul by Lois D. Brown

In 1520, a quarter million people were slaughtered, a king was tortured to death, a civilization was annihilated—all over Aztec gold.
Five hundred years later the killing hasn’t stopped.
AFTER MONTHS OF starvation and torture at the hands of terrorists, black ops officer Maria Branson is rescued and returned to the U.S. While her body heals, her mind does not. Plagued with panic and hallucinations, she quits the CIA and takes the job of small-town police chief.

Rest and relaxation are the doctor’s orders. However, Maria gets neither. During her first week on the job the mayor’s truck is found abandoned in the middle of the rugged southwestern mountains.

Was it a hiking trip gone bad or something more sinister?

As Maria uncovers clues that indicate a crime centuries in the making, her hallucinations become more real –and dangerous.

Are the ghosts she sees symptoms of PTSD, or has the paranormal world collided with reality?

With the help of the handsome director of search and rescue, Maria’s search explodes into a hunt for murderers and mythological Aztec treasure, all while keeping her own internal demons at bay.

Can Maria solve the mystery before she becomes the next target?

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