See It First: Robert Jeschonek, A.C. Fuller, and L.C. Hibbett

See It First: Robert Jeschonek, A.C. Fuller, and L.C. Hibbett

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Bloodliner by Robert Jeschonek

Jonah Ivory has a family tree crawling with vampires. Guided by the sexy paranormal genealogist Stanza Miracolo, he must dig up his family’s twisted roots to crack an ancient conspiracy and beat the forces of darkness to a lost paradise. As Stanza traces Jonah’s undead family tree, she brings him and his cousin Mavis face to face with one vampire ancestor after another. In a wild hunt around the world, they search for the shocking answers to an ancient mystery, all while fighting for their lives against bloodsucking enemies who attack from the shadows. Even with a vampiric Shakespeare and King Arthur on their side, can Stanza and Jonah win an eternal war between ancestors and descendants for possession of a heaven stolen by sin?

Award-winning fantasy writer Robert Jeschonek will take you on a tour of the secret vampire empire that thrives all around us…and rises up to take our world by storm in a blood-drenched crimson tide. This incredible adventure will take you to the underground colony of Bluegiller, New Mexico, where flocks of winged vampires attack like birds of prey…the hellish mystical realm of Lyonesse, England, where serpentine lampreyus vampires slither through the ruins of fallen Camelot…Berlin, Germany, where wicked hemomancers cast blood magic spells that spawn unstoppable demons forged from blood…the lost city of Pompeii, where vampire gods wage war as a mighty volcano unleashes disaster…the living underwater cathedral of Kitezh, Russia, where bloodsucking monks worship a messiah who rose from the dead vampire-style…and finally, the forbidden realm of Empyrea, where ultimate power lies in the heart of the first vampire to walk the face of the Earth, the staggeringly ancient and unstoppable Lazarus.

Only love holds the power to keep the darkness at bay, if two hearts can survive and stay true in the midst of impossible struggles for the fate of tomorrow.


Light Remains: Three Stories by A.C. Fuller

Shadow Passes, Light Remains.

Light Remains contains three short works of fiction that examine dark subjects with a touch of levity.

In Can You Hear Me Now?, a cellphone button designer treks though Seattle in search of his lost iPhone. And the longer he’s away from his beloved device, the more he is overwhelmed by the isolation and alienation he experiences without it.

In, a Boston teenager with an Adderall addiction hires a B-list celebrity to teach him how to pray as he tries to win the affection of a classmate. But even as the prayers seem to be working, the celebrity’s depression causes the teenager to question the nature of fame.

In The Last Day on Earth of Zelta Jones, Starwoman, a middle-aged line cook from Blue Mountain, Alabama believes she’s been sent from another planet to teach humans about space travel. After years of being ignored and ridiculed, she decides to take her own life. But her last day on earth proves much more complicated than she expected.


Wicked Witch (A Wicked Witch Prequel) by L.C. Hibbett


That’s how everybody describes Destiny O’Neill. Trouble wrapped up in a smart-assed bow. The first black witch born to the Celtic gods in a thousand years, Destiny cheats, lies, and dances on the dead. Destiny is certifiably not a good witch.

But Destiny has a secret and it might just change everything…

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