See It First: Logan Levi, Felicia Tatum, and Mikey Campling

See It First: Logan Levi, Felicia Tatum, and Mikey Campling

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Science Fiction

Exclusive Relatively Human Part 1 by Logan Levi


Earth has been uninhabitable for years or so some would have you believe, but we survived. Colonization would ensure our future, but that would mean we’d have to circumvent any malicious attempts on our lives and outrun the aliens, who want to see our demise.

Left virtually defenseless, we’ll have to muster up the strength to outsmart the aliens before they enslave others like us.


Scornful Sadie by Felicia Tatum

A war is brewing…

Heartbroken and lost, Sadie left her family when she was only sixteen to fight evil. Years of searching out and destroying the vermin of the supernatural world have left her ruthless and jaded, and powerful.

Sadie’s success has made her a target, and a series of cryptic warnings leaves her questioning what is being asked of her. But nothing in her past has prepared her for the obstacles she now faces in trying to rid the world of a resurrected evil that no one saw coming.

She finally comes home for the chance to re-discover her first love, Aiden. Does she have the power to restore Aiden’s memories and hold on to her love for him, while battling for humanity—and her life?


Exclusive After Dark by Mikey Campling


After Dark is a gripping tale set in modern day Whitby, which horror fans will recognize as the location where, according to Bram Stoker, a certain Count came ashore in the form of a great dog. In recent years, this atmospheric town has also played host to an annual gothic festival, and so the scene is set for a spine tingling tale. And of course it takes place…after dark.

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