9/2: instaFreebie Author Spotlight: Kim Fox and Claudy Conn

9/2: instaFreebie Author Spotlight: Kim Fox and Claudy Conn

We have so many amazing and talented authors here at instaFreebie, and we’re really excited to introduce them to you. instaFreebie’s Author Spotlight gives readers the chance to meet some new authors and see it first before anyone else!

Kim Fox

kim fox


Any pen names?

I write tough and rugged bear shifters under my paranormal romance name, Kim Fox, and hot dirty talking bad boys under my contemporary name, Kimberly Fox.

Favorite genre to write?

I love writing bear shifters. They’re incredibly strong and tough but they have a real weakness for curvy women and treat them like gold. They’re extremely protective of their mates and the group dynamics of the crew always adds a lot of humor to the fun stories.

Favorite genre to read?

I’m a paranormal girl. There’s no true escape like falling in love with a hot vampire, shifter, or werewolf. The authors in the genre are so creative and the books are a wild ride of excitement!

My readers would be surprised to know that I…
 Have a pilot’s license, have traveled to over forty countries, and that I find turtles to be the cutest animal in the world.

starstruck shifter kim fox

Starstruck Shifter by Kim Fox

You should pick up Starstruck Shifter because…
It’s a light, funny read with a happy ending that will brighten up your day and make you fee good!

Describe Starstruck Shifter in one word: Funnylicious

The best part about being an author is…
Nobody tells me what to do! (Well, except my characters, and my kids, and my dog, and my editor…) On second thought, wearing pajamas to work. Yup, nothing beats that 😉

Claudy Conn

claudy conn author

Any pen names?

Claudy Conn

Favorite genre to write?

Fantasy/paranormal. I also write sexy, steamy historical romances.

Favorite genre to read?


My readers would be surprised to know that…

My favorite prince, Breslyn, is very real and patterned after someone…close to me.

spellbound legend claudy conn

Exclusive 3 Chapter Preview of Spellbound-Legend by Claudy Conn

You should pick up Spellbound-Legend because…

the time has come to let yourself burn while you flip the pages.

Describe Spellbound-Legend in one word: Sizzling

The best part about being an author is…allowing my imagination to run wild.

14 thoughts on “9/2: instaFreebie Author Spotlight: Kim Fox and Claudy Conn

  1. I love to read, I like mysteries, fantasy.
    I am a Senior on low income so really appreciate free books.
    Don’t like books that are so riveting and then you never get to see all of the preceding books to finish the story !

  2. Thanks for the freebies. Will try to send an email after I read the books. I have also noted that there is no link to leave a review at the end of the books from freebie. How can I send a review after reading and I am not on any of the social network.

  3. Thank you to all the authors for giving us one of their books to read for free. This way we can try out some new material that we may not have tried.

  4. I’m a romantic so a hot romance between the hero and heroine with a mix of erotica is exactly what I need when unwinding for the day…Fantasy/Erotica mmmm love it.

  5. Love authors that take you to another place, love the paranormal and shifter novels. I have read several from the teen authors also. It’s my way of getting away from the here and now and leave the stress behind after a day at work. Can’t wait to read a new author. I like all genres, it depends on my mood.

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