Author Spotlight: Margo Bond Collins and Kat Crimson

Author Spotlight: Margo Bond Collins and Kat Crimson

We have so many amazing and talented authors here at Instafreebie, and we’re really excited to introduce them to you. Instafreebie’s Author Spotlight gives readers the chance to meet some new authors and see it first before anyone else!

Margo Bond Collins – Author of Contemporary Romance

Beach Blanket Bridesmaid by Margo Bond Collins

Beach Blanket Bridesmaid by Margo Bond Collins

1. What inspired you to write “Beach Blanket Bridesmaid”?

This book is part of my Necessity, Texas collection. Most of those books are set in the same small town, but for this one, I wanted to see what would happen when I took one of the couples out of their usual setting.

2. What motivated you to become an Indie author?

I love being involved in all aspects of book production, from choosing a cover to deciding how to distribute the book to being able to decide how and when to take the book to audio.

3. What do you do when you have writer’s block?

I usually write in my office on a laptop, but if I’m having writer’s block, I’ll take a notebook and pen and go to a coffee shop or even just to another room. The change of scenery and writing implements seems to jar me out of my rut and get me going again.

4. What is your writing process?

I used to be a complete pantser-someone who wrote by the seat of my pants without much idea of where I was going next. That was an important stage of my development as a writer-it enabled me to actually finish several novels! But one of my editors asked me to provide her with complete, detailed synopses before I ever started really writing the novels. So now, I’m more likely to write specific synopses that detail all the major points of the story. Then, I work on writing scenes that lead up to and follow from those major points. Sometimes the points change-I don’t always know exactly what my characters are going to do!-but having the map makes it easier to fill in the blanks.

5. Why should I read “Beach Blanket Bridesmaid”?

It’s a sweet, fun, summer-light read of a book with just a touch of steam and a happily ever after!

Kat Crimson – Author of Erotic Romance

Exclusive Project Revenge: Punishment for the Cheater by Kat Crimson

1. What inspired you to write “Project Revenge: Punishment for the Cheater”?

At the time, I remember being very frustrated by the extreme popularity of billionaire romances and quote, unquote heroines who were too naive to breathe and whose main obsession seemed to be with shoes (that cost more than most people’s weekly paycheck) and the glamorous lifestyle in general. I’d had it up to my eyeballs in suit porn romance perpetrated by vapid, sheltered virgins and bossy, arrogant businessmen.

It seemed like everyone with a keyboard was trying to emulate the success of the Fifty Shades trilogy and Project Revenge stemmed directly from a need to swim against that tide and to portray the other side of BDSM -where the dominant role was portrayed by a strong female lead character.

I like to try and come up with plot lines that seem plausible to me, and introduce people to taboo and kink in ways that make them more accessible. Having the female lead’s extreme behavior be driven by strong emotions like anger, hurt, and the need for revenge felt like a realistic way to introduce bondage into the equation. That could just be me though, LOL.

Revenge and punishment are such strong themes. I really wanted to see what I could do with them, within the confines of a short, sexually motivated story, without completely losing its romantic aspects.

2. What motivated you to become an Indie author?

A few things, really. It can be extremely difficult for me to find the kind of writing that truly appeals to me. I like all kinds of fiction, from fantasy and sci-fi, to paranormal, urban, contemporary and even dystopian -but the one thing that must remain constant throughout it all is a high level of heat, or at least really amazing sexual tension. That is what captivates me, beyond just a decent story line. But my favorite things to read – and to write – contain darker elements and themes: coercion, kidnap, bondage, Stockholm syndrome and more, which is why you will see these themes keep popping up in my books.

To really pull that off well, there has to be a good psychological element incorporated into the story. I love first person stories that explore not only the actions of the characters (in very graphic detail) and the setting, but also what is going on inside their heads and how each action affects them internally. There was such a shortage of quality material available, for the types of dark tales that I wanted to read, that it drove me to have a desire to write some of them myself.

The other reason I found becoming an author to be such an alluring idea is that I don’t want to be tied to a 9-5 desk job, on someone else’s schedule and dime, for the rest of my life. I want to captain my own ship and be afforded the luxury of working from wherever I want, whenever I want. I have no illusions that the work will be any easier, but I’ll at least be working for me. And I won’t be living my entire year for those measly two weeks of vacation time to roll back around. Or spend the next 20 years praying for retirement. The bottom line, for me, is freedom.

3. What is your writing process?

I’d love to be able to say that I am highly organized and approach writing in an efficient manner, using index cards to chart my character’s personality traits and outlining every major detail in advance… but that would make me a big, fat liar.

I am definitely a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pantser. The story is a murky area inside of my brain, where sometimes the fog recedes enough to unveil the next scene and reveal more about my characters in the process. Sometimes I hit a roadblock and must wait for inspiration to strike, and a way to move forward that doesn’t sacrifice a realistic plot. I’ll sit on something for a while, until advancing the story feels right to me, and I can progress it in a way that satisfies the opaque ending in my head (that is really more of a gut feeling of where I think I want the story to end) and make it gleaming, polished and transparent to myself and my readers.

4. Why should I read “Project Revenge: Punishment for the Cheater”?

Read Project Revenge if you’re a little bit Rock n’ Roll and a whole lotta Punk Rock!

Read Project Revenge if you’re as fed up as I am with female characters without and any backbone and arrogant, domineering male leads who treat their ‘love interests’ like cheap rugs.

Read Project Revenge if you want to get lost in a kinky, graphic tale that will grip you by your bits and pieces, get inside your head and your heart and leave you with a molten pile of smoldering plastic where your eReader once was…

5. What is your favorite place to write?

I almost always write on my couch, using my laptop. It’s the place where I am most comfortable and I can just sit there and type for as long as the inspiration to do so grips me. I can tune everything out, except possibly the overweight cat trying to lay on my arm.. or across my keyboard, and just let the story take me and have its way with me.

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