9/8 See it First with Teen and Young Adult eBooks

9/8 See it First with Teen and Young Adult eBooks

We know instaFreebie readers are always ready to discover new authors and try great new reads from old favorites, so we’re making our blog a way for you to see it first every day! It’s Thursday, and we’re thrilled to present the latest and greatest from our teen and young adult genres!


the undelightened bentz deyo

The Undelightened by Bentz Deyo

Leam Holt’s eighteenth birthday tomorrow caps the most depressing year of his life, marking the anniversary of his failed delightenment—the soul-darkening,
magic-bestowing rite of passage that should’ve launched him into the fight between Darkness and Light. Making things worse, Leam’s insufferable brother, Zach, the pride of the family, is set to delighten in a few short hours.

When Gideon, the evil leader of Darkness, arrives to preside over Zach’s ceremony, the course of Leam’s life takes a drastic turn. Rather than fading farther into the background, Leam is ordered to undergo a series of brutal trials. Vast magical power is suddenly within Leam’s grasp if he triumphs, but Leam can’t seem to stay away from a beautiful girl of Light, and his testing is yielding disturbing results.

As Leam begins to uncover secrets on both sides of the war, he realizes the fate of humanity is at stake, and he may have the most to lose in the fight.


for the win angel lawson rochelle allison

For the Win by Rochelle Allison and Angel Lawson

Former All-Star collegiate goalie, Julian Anderson, has spent the last year off the grid, putting his life and health back together after losing nearly everything and everyone important in his life due to a series of bad decisions in college. But when he gets a call from the US Men’s Soccer team, asking him to play in the Olympic Games, he’s thrust back into the world he’s tried so hard to distance himself from.

Julian doesn’t want back in the league, especially when the dubious details of the arrangement are revealed, but accepting could give him a chance to reform his tarnished image. And, if he plays by the rules, he may have a shot at winning not just a gold medal but the heart of his first love, star forward of the Women’s team, Melina Diaz.

Focused and determined, Melina is skeptical that Julian can change his destructive ways. She plans to have little to do with her ex until the stress of the Games get to her and she finds herself falling back on the one person that knows her the best.

This August, all eyes will be on Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics as the world’s elite athletes come together to compete in the most prestigious sporting event of their lifetime. The Games will bring the world together but may tear Julian and Melina even further apart.



Richter by Logan Rutherford

Everybody Patrick Henry was at a party with the night before is dead.

After waking up in the woods covered in blood and with lapses in his memory, Patrick has no way to explain how he was the only survivor. But when he discovers he’s been imbued with incredible superpowers, he takes it upon himself to find answers. Patrick knows beyond a shadow of a doubt he did not kill all those people.

That is until the memories of that night begin to come back to him. Now Patrick must make a decision: continue searching for the truth no matter the personal cost, or do whatever is necessary to make sure the truth stays hidden.

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8 thoughts on “9/8 See it First with Teen and Young Adult eBooks

  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much for the free books. My name is Lily Greenberg and I love to read. I am a slow reader and right now I am reading a book by Morgan Rice. As soon as I finish it I will start reading your books.
    Thanks again.

  2. Being retired, I have the time to read now. Well supplied with both free and relatively inexpensive ebooks.

    This current group appear to be quite interesting and I will begin with the Undelighted.

    Thankyou for availing us of your hard work writing thease works.


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